offers a easy-to-find teacher directory designed for promoting you and your services. and hosts of partnered programs will help you stregthen your digital communication needs. We invite you to join today, and be part of our amazing communi-team.

Music Teacher Finder Packages

We offer two packages – A free directory listing that has all of the elements needs for quick searching and our listing plus dedicated teacher page program.

The “Teacher Pages” are truly the best way to recruit new students fast and they only cost 39.95 a year. More information makes for better communication - It’s the perfect formula for your success.

Fields & Services Free Listing Listing w/Teacher Page

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Free $39.95
Teacher Name Yes Yes (Page Header)
School Name Yes Yes (w/Page View)
City, State, Zip Yes Yes
Picture Yes Yes (w/Page View)
About Me (Text Block) No Yes (w/Page View)
Contact Page Yes Yes
Website Link No Yes (w/Page View)
Top List Placement No Yes
Instrument(s) Yes Yes (w/Page View)
Age Range Yes Yes (w/Page View)
Skill Level Yes Yes (w/Page View)
Location (Studio/Home)
Educational Services
No Yes (w/Page View)
Lesson Details (Text Block) No Yes (w/Page View)
LinkToLearn Discount No Yes
Music Teacher Web Kit No Yes
SimpleTec Magazine No Yes
DTM (Dealer Teacher Network) No Yes
FREE $39.95 / Year

Choose one:

Free $39.95

Digital communication is key to your success. Your understanding of technology, your ability to promote and support your students on the web, even the need to make a connection to the mobile generation is a "must do" today. The good news is that we have experts standing by ready to help.

Boston Organ and Piano is delighted to extend the value of your membership, by connecting you to our own partnered business affiliates. Finally, everything you need to strengthen your abilities in the digital world is just a click away. Here are a few of the specials:

  1. SimpleTEC Magazine – A digital discovery magazine for todays music educators – 1 year free subscription (bi-yearly)
  2. Lite-site Program – A lite website package for just $99.00 (normally 179.00) from
  3. Essential or Destination Website Packages – Free activation and set up, a savings of 129.95 (Essential) or 249.95 (Destination)
  4. A personal marketing Mobile Site for Smartphone viewing (Two Page) menu system – normally 129.00, now you can build have your own mobile with a linking dynamic QR code for just 49.95
  5. Link- to- LearnMusic is the number one online destination for learning how to use a Yamaha keyboard. If you own a Yamaha keyboard, this is your personal learning hub. Special discounts, for all the Link-To-Learn modules are available to our members as well.